Monday, February 11, 2013

Love actually..

People say love hurts well I say no, people hurt the most. When someone really loves you, you take that person for granted because you know he/she will never leave you. But one day when they leave because with their love, their expectations increases and you don’t realize this and that day we realize we lost someone. Someone who cared, someone who loved. So do not let this happened and share your love with others and make them special. Because I know being single is fun but the feeling being taken is out of this world and words.

  • The best way to grow your relationship is to share things before somebody tell them.
  • Surprise each other.
  • Return gifts because gifts show you think about the person. It’s not important to buy expensive gifts, you can cook, make handmade things like greetings, wall hangings.
  • Go on a date at least once in a week and try to go on a new place this will create more good memories.
  • Click photographs and capture priceless moments in it.
  • Celebrate each month anniversary. Cut cakes.
  • Go to temple and worship god, because this will enhance the bond even more.
  • Always stay loyal and if you ever commit a mistake, admit it before your partner. Don’t hide it, accepting your mistake tells that you care about your relationship and is willing to stay loyal in future.
  • Love is the most joyous feeling one can have and if somebody loves you, respect that.
  • Say “iloveyou” as many time as you can, this will make them really special and the trust between both of you grows.
  • If your partner is possessive and not comfortable with friend of yours, try not to meet that person in front of your partner. I know we say it’s our life and everything but your girl/boy is more important. You realize this only when they leave. And try to make a good impression of that friend on your partner.
  • Don’t make promises or any plans for marriage because it grows more expectations.
  • Try to be involved in some task; don’t talk too much because you might get bored soon. It’s a fact. Don’t be a “vella” and waste all day talking. Because this is the age to work also and earn, don’t waste it. After all, time is precious.
  • Give your friends equal time because before your relationship they were with you and trust me they will be when you break up.
  • Respect each other, don’t use abusive language, because once you use it, it will make your relationship dirty and ugly.
  • Don’t drink and have sex because you might regret after it. Especially girls.
  • Boys should make their partner comfortable first and then think about physical intimacy.
  • Sometimes apologizing doesn’t mean you are wrong. It just means that you value your relationship more than your ego, so Apologize. But it will be better if you don't repeat it again and again and apologize.
  • If one person wants to end the relationship, try once or twice. Don’t force him/her.

This is the age.. Live it, cherish it!



  1. Well written but all these exist in ideal world or in ideal love story. Thing is that we learn form our mistake and try to rectify our-self for the next time. Same happens in Love or relationship.

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