Sunday, October 1, 2017

An Ode to my lover | Guest Post

Guest Post by Varun Dixit

उसने कहा खेल था वह प्यार जवानी का, कोई पूछे क्या हुआ उस राधा-कृष्ण की प्रेम-कहानी का?

उसने कहा वह सब कसमें वादे झूठे थे, कोई उनसे पूछे उन आंसुओं का क्या जब वह हमसे रूठे थे?

उनका सर रख कर मेरी गोद में सो जाना भी क्या झूठा था ?

क्या झूठा था उनका मेरे सर पे हाथ फिरा के मुझको समझना?

क्या झूठा था बात-बात हमको उनका साजन कह जाना, जब हम जाते तो क्या झूठा उनका वह सिसकी भर के रह जाना?

क्या झूठे थे वह सपने जो हमने साथ में देखे थे, क्या झूठे थे वह प्रेम पत्र जो उसने हम को भेजे थे?

क्या यूँ ही झूठा था उनका हम से गुस्सा हो जाना, क्या झूठा था वह हमारी यादों में उनका खो जाना?

क्या झूठा थे सपनो का ताज-महल जो हमने उनके लिए बनाया था?

क्या झूठा था वह पहला खाना जो उन्होंने हमारे लिए बनाया था?

क्या झूठे थे वह इंतज़ार के पल जो हमने उनकी याद में बिताए थे.. क्या झूठे थे वह प्रेमहार जो मन ही मन हमने उनको पहनाए थे?

क्या झूठे थे वह प्यार से खेल जो हम साथ में खेला करते थे, वह गुलाब की हर पट्टी पे तुम्हारा नाम लिख हवा में फेंका करते थे?

क्या यूँ ही झूठा था वह तुम्हारा मुझको गृहिणी बनकर दिखलाना.. वह मेरे कहने पर साड़ी पहनकर तुम्हारा यूँ मिलने आना?

क्या झूठा था वह यकीन जो मेरे माथे पे तुम्हारा लबों के रखे तुम मुझे दिलाती थी.. हर बार जब भी मैं गुस्सा तुम मेरे चेहरे वह मुस्कान ले आती थी?

वह तुम्हारा मेरे खुशियों में खुश होजाना.. वह मेरे आंसू निकलने से पहले तुम्हारा रो जाना

वह मेरे मन की बात समझ तुम्हारा चुपके से आके मुझको आगोश में भर लेना.. मेरे कुछ बोलने से पहले ही तुम्हारा वह ऊँगली रखके मुझको चुप कर देना..?

वह तुम्हारा रोज़ यूँ मुझसे मिलने आना.. जाने की ज़िद करना.. फिर छोड़ कर हमको न जा पाना..?

वह ढलते सूरज को देख तुम्हारा मेरी बाँहों में यूँ पिघल जाना.. फिर ज़रा सी आहट से तुम्हारा सम्हल जाना.?

वह मेरे छूते ही तुम्हारे रोम रोम का यूँ थिरक जाना.. कहना बहुत बुरे हो तुम.. फिर मेरे गले से लिपट जाना.?

अगर वह झूठा था..तो फिर झूठा होगा मीरा के प्रेम राग..?

झूठा होगा वह हीर का यूँ राँझा हो जाना..वह सोहनी का रोज साजन से मिलने जाना और एक रात यूँ ही उस नदी में खो जाना..?

झूठे होंगे वह राधा कृष्ण के महारास..वह गोपियों का प्रेम योग और वह उद्धव को ज्ञान प्रकाश..?

झूठे हो जायेंगे वह सूर्य के छन्द, वह कबीर के दोहे, वह रास खान की बातें..?

मगर क्या यूँ ही सब कुछ एक पल में झूठा हो जाया करता है.. जिसको धड़कन बना के रखते है वह एक पल में यूँ ही खो जाया करता है..?

एक आखिर बार पूछता हूँ तुमसे क्या सच में खेल था वह प्यार जवानी का?

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Missing Abigail | Guest Post

GUEST POST by Prateek Singh

Isn't it weird. How a person can be normal, be sane and be happy and try as fucking hard to belong and succeed. And fit in but with all those smiles and dances and dabs wants to fucking shout out loud, wants to fucking explode with everything inside him. Just blow up and cry for hours hoping that something fucking lifts this weight off his chest. 

What the fuck is depression? Can it be medically diagnosed ? 
Can you see it. 
Can you feel it. 
Fuck yes. 

But then why does it feel superficial why does it feel undeserved. And why does it keep coming back. Shouldn't we find depressed people funny? That they fall asleep everyday listening to the same three songs. Crying to the same three songs. Looking at the same 6 pictures. Telling themselves that they're precious. That they don't deserve things that have happened to them but that's okay it's life. It's what it is. And then maybe just maybe if they lie down at 10:23, they can fall asleep by 3:23. Twisting and turning in their own sorrow. Their own fucking broken being. And If they're really lucky. They'll sleep till 6 in the morning. And not be awoken by the same god damn nightmares every freaking 15 minutes. 

Is this depression? 
Is this worth being worried about? 
So then why does it feel like it's superficial?
I don't know.
But don't other people have it worse?
Yes they do.
So I am just being a little bitch ?
Yes, I guess. Maybe.
I don't know .
Then who does?
I don't know.

Ever since Abigail left, no matter how much I want to be the person I want to be i can't. she was the only one I could be anything with. And that's what I miss. That person. That feeling. That belief.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Celebrate Rakhi with Jabong! | Gifting ideas for sister

Make your sister feel special this Raksha Bandhan! Gift her something thoughtful

The second half of the year marks the beginning of the festive time. It starts with Raksha Bandhan and goes till Christmas. Yes, now is the time to get decked up, splurge in shopping and give gifts – cheers to the time of celebration. As Raksha Bandhan is round the corner, how can you make it special? For sisters, it’s quite easy as it’s all about buying a rakhi. But for dear bhaiyas gifting their lovely behanas could be a bit challenging. Since girls can get really fussy and cranky about the gifts, don’t tear your hair out over this. Let’s us help you with this. Here are a few reasonable Rakhi gifting ideas that can save your mind, money as well as your energy.

  • Ethnic suits to cheer her up
Do you think your sister will say no to clothes? Darn! She can never. Brands like Biba, Trishaa, Aurelia and W have heavy discounts on their kurtis and kurti sets. You can get them online. Shop for your sister an Anarkali or an A-line kurti in nice print. Gift her something in romantic florals as the prints are in.


  • Make-up kits for a pleasant surprise
Hate it or love it, but you can’t ignore it! Any girl loves make-up, including your sister. Since the trend of bright make-up has caught up with every other girl, gifting your sis a nice make-up kit will make her smile. The recently launched L’Oreal Cannes collection is available at You can order L'Oreal Paris Reign In Red Cannes Box. The pack features Color riche moist matte lip color in Lincoln Rose, Infalliable Monos Pebble Grey eyeshadow and SuperLiner Gelmatic in Deep Brown. There are other make-up kits as well.

  • Perfume sets will make her jaws drop
Perfumes from international brands make a nice option for your dear sister. Buying them at slashed prices will make you feel much better. Victoria’s Secret gift set in four is available online. It comprises an ‘Endless Love Body Lotion’, a ‘Straw & Chmp Body Cream’, a ‘Coconut Passion Body Mist’, and a ‘Secret Crush Bubble Bath’. Isn’t it a heady combo, ideal to pamper your sibling! If not a gift set then go for perfumes from brands like Davidoff, Elizabeth Arden and Chanel. Davidoff Cool Water Sea Rose has a nice intoxicating fresh fruity smell – perfect for any sweet girl.

  • Gift her a bag, and she goes aww!
Whether your sister is young or old, she can’t say no to a bag! For your little sis, you can buy a cool-looking backpack. The brands like New Look, Ladida, Lavie and P.H.A.T have a nice range in leather backpacks. Any given day a backpack is stylish and goes with casual attire perfectly. If you want to purchase a bag for your elder sis, go for a tote or hobo. Brands like Faballey and Miss Bennett have many options.

  • Jewellery will put twinkle in her eyes
The ongoing trend of fashion jewellery and chunky ornaments gives you a good chance to make your sister happy. Buying them will not burn a hole in your pocket. The best thing about costume jewellery is that it can be worn anytime.

So I hope this time you won't disappoint your lovely sister with just a box of celebrations instead you'll gift her something which she can keep it for long. Have a happy Rakshabandhan to all my readers, enjoy the festival with your loved ones.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Ankur's Road to Recovery continued..

My friend and colleague Ankur Tanwar is hospitalized and is in a critical condition. It all happened last Friday when he was working late in the office and suddenly he fainted due to severe headache. 

He was immediately rushed to the nearby hospital where doctor's informed it's a brain hemorrhage and arterial blockage and they need to operate it as soon as possible. His main artery has been shrunk from 10 mm to 3 mm. His first surgery has been done but to recover completely two more surgeries are required.  
He's currently in ICU at City Hospital, Saket. The total amount for the surgeries is around 30 lakhs, his family has arranged 5 lakhs as of now and are still short of 25 lakhs. 

He's a wonderful person and he himself believes in charity and has done a lot of work for non-profitable organizations. And now he needs our help and I think we should do our bit to save him. 

Here's the link where you can donate as much as you can and want- PLEASE DONATE.
Or, I am sharing the bank account details of his sister

BOI Ac no-062516310000031 
Beneficiary name- Shivani Tanwar 
IFSC- BKID0000625

whichever way you feel comfortable please do your bit. We all spend thousands of money on unnecessary things but just a dollar of yours can save somebody's life. We all LIKE things on Facebook to show our support, well this time not just your thumbs up rather I need you to raise your helping hand and save somebody's son, somebody's brother and of course my friend. Please, please and please #SaveAnkur. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dream Place in town | #KOD

Recently I have been to Kingdom of dreams, a dreamlike place in gurgaon, haryana. I went there with my family and it was an amazing experience to everyone of us. From decor, food to concept everything was wonderful. I won't describe my whole experience like this, here a little poetry about it.. 

Grand and huge that fits only in dream
The glitter and gleam
Sparkle and shine of 'culture gully'
All that is fully real seems heavenly
Mystical and a magical place
'Nautanki Mahal' saving grace
Tales of zangoora;
creates a magical aura
Flashback of kishore kumar
depicted by bhola, the jhumroo superstar.
Blend of India's art, culture and craft
Enjoy many more amazing shows; performing art.
Relishing food of 14 different states
Come here for family picnics or even for some special dates.

So if you've never been to KOD then you should visit soon because it's a sumptuous place to have a great time with family and friends. Don't forget to share your kod moments with me here in the comments section.  

Friday, July 3, 2015

Unsaid Feelings

She's holding the phone in her hand closely and tightly, and continuously staring at the screen where his name is flashing as a whatsapp contact.

He was busy in the office; tired and helpless, took a 5 minute break just to have a decent conversation with her. As he opened the messenger, it shows she is 'online'. He is now thinking to whom is she chatting at 1:00 am? He told himself that she has someone else in her life who's keeping her busy at this hour and they must be having deep conversations and hence I should not intervene and forget about her because she can't be mine.

She's silently lying on her bed and her heart pounds as his 'last seen at 10:00' turns to 'online'. She's now waiting for him to type something. But all of a sudden he goes offline. She now thinks that he came online to reply to someone special in his life and went off. He's busy and there is someone special in his life. Since I was waiting for a message from him but he didn't even bother. I should stop thinking about him because he can never be mine.

# Two people who are deeply, immensely and irrevocably in love with each other, cooked up their own versions of the other person's life, and now they don't even dare to initiate a conversation and yet wait for each other's message. A simple 'hi', which would have changed the entire scenario, died just because of the misconception which they carry around and is now ruining their love for each other. If you love her, go and tell her NOW! And girls, it is no big deal if you initiate because guys like confident girls. Be bold and accept your love for each other because this is the time when we can choose our partner, when we can choose with whom we are willing to live and face obstacles, lay while the sun shines, hug when it's cold, watch the stars at night, share coffee from the same cup, visit places, grow old together and die. Else your parents will tie you to someone else(might even be the most boring person) and just for the sake of society you'll have to spend the rest of your life with someone whom you never loved and probably never will. And somewhere, deep down your heart will ache and regret that "I wish, I would have confessed my feelings to him/her, revealed them when there was time, confronted my feelings when I had the chance and my life would have something else, I would have been someone else, I would have had a life!". There will be no late night conversations, no CCD dates, no cheap alcohol. This is the moment, make the most of it. Feel the power of love!  

So, I hope after reading this post you'll take the first step and won't let the right person go from your life. Share your story with me in the comment section below. I'd love to hear your story. :) 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Things girls do when they fight with their boyfriend

1. Update some senti status on facebook or whatspp. 


2. Or, deactivate all their social media accounts. This ritual is performed in order to make the guy realize how lonely they are without her in the big Wide Wild Web.


3. Update their display picture in a hot new avatar to let him know that 'Dude, it's your loss'.


4. Talk about him incessantly to anyone and everyone. They relate and discuss all their life's issues they faced with him and then the usual overthinking and blabbering.


5. Change their relationship status to 'single' or 'complicated'. I personally have a very bad perception about such kind of girls. I know I am being judgmental, can't help it.

6. Flirt with other guys. Never ever do this girls, have some f**king self respect.


7. Cry - well it is a good way to let go all of your frustration and this always works. Mad at him? Take some tissues, hit the restroom, close the door, sit on the commode and let it out(I mean tears).                   


8. Reconnect with their exes. This is a really bad idea. Why? Remember it never worked in the first place and it never will.


9. Look for new shoulder/s to cry upon and then repeating the same mistakes. It's a vicious cycle, a dangerous loop. My suggestion? First give your best to what you have and try, if nothing works, hit the goddamn mall. SHOPPING.. Who doesn't love shopping?


10. Finally, get drunk and call the guy. (Baby! I miss you**tears**-NEXT MIN-F**k you! You moron.. Leave me alone! :/ )


11. Stalk the guy on facebook, twitter through their fake accounts. 


If you relate to this, share it with your friends and let them know how big a drama queen you are. It's cool to be one ;) Peace out haters!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Why Fighting Can Be Good for Your Relationship

I know you must be thinking how fighting can be healthy in any relationship. Right? Well, really it is not that bad either.

The simplest and the first logic says
'No TWO people are the same' hence it is obviously difficult to adjust with the other, but sometimes the feelings are so true and strong that you just can't afford to let that person go. So, if you guys are fighting then take it this way: While mixing two materials the reaction between them could generate heat, like it happens in any chemical reaction. Just try to add some chemistry in your relationship! I hope you must have understood by now what I'm trying to say because I am pretty good with Chemistry and I can explain it with fairly good numbers of chemical reactions too.  


My second logic goes like this: If you are fighting with your partner it is not because you want to get away from him/her, well that's because you do not like something about the situation and you have full right to tell them that you're not happy as you cannot fake as well. So it's fair enough to have a disagreement sometimes. Here's a little tip from my side that whenever you fight kindly don't lose hope of getting back together because if there's no hope, there's no way. After all, if you can love, kiss, cuddle then disagreements & conflicts comes along with the package and you guys have to deal with it and sort it out, together.


If you guys are fighting then it's no big deal because as my third logic implies, it's good to know the dark side of your partner as well so as to know what extent he/she can go while fighting. If he/she's abusing you then you should stop him/her right away because as per my personal experience if there's no respect for each other then there's nothing much left in a relationship. You should not lose your cool over petty issues and there's no room for abuse or violence. Just peace out, lovers.


Now the final one and trust me the most cutest logic is: You should have the genuine perception about your partner and if that leads to some kind of argument or cold war then it's okay because later when you guys talk, trust me that will definitely become one of the best conversations. It is that phase where you open your heart and say things more clearly and even accept it lovingly as you have to compensate for the time you lost where you guys didn't talk at all. Inside, you're dying to hear something from him/her so when that happens you giggle a little, curse a bit, and realize how crazily in love you are with him/her. Well I call it 'sleeping phase' in which lovers take rest from each other and when both of them wake up, they feel fresh and more loving.


So next time whenever you guys end up in some kind of argument, don't worry. Keep calm and remember to keep the flame of hope burning, maintain respect and kick start the conversation again. And tell your partner honestly what bothers you and if you think that will make you look clingy, well that's not. Trying to workout things with your lovey-dovey is pretty cool and if you're the first one to start the conversation keeping your ego aside then you're definitely going to earn some respect from your partner as well. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Kose IndiBlogger Meet | Launch of #SpaWake

It's better late than never, so finally here's my post for the Kose-Indi meet. As usual Indiblogger meet was fun-filled, not a single moment of boredom one can have there. This meet was special because it happened after almost 9 long months and moreover it was an exclusive "invite-only" meet. It was all about meeting fellow bloggers, delicious food, few drinks, non-stop chit-chatting and of course KOSE.. KOSE.. & KOSE!

I reached at the venue around 5.30 i.e. The Hyatt Regency, New Delhi. As I entered in there, I saw some people were registering for the meet, few were having coffee and others were just networking. With over 150 bloggers actively and enthusiastically participated and had a great time socializing with like-minded people who share the same passion for writing.

The meet started with Anoop's great words, laughter all across the hall, people shaking hands because they gave us a task. The task was to collect anything personal from the fellow bloggers and the twist was they cannot return it, isn't it an interesting way to mingle with others? Well, I wonder how do they always find such new and amazing ways to entertain us, moreover manage to never have a dull moment. Kudos to IndiTeam. Well, I managed to collect 14 personal items, stood second and that's why I got a chance to talk about my blog in '30 seconds of fame'. Here's a list of things I collected-

List of personal items that I collected from fellow bloggers.

Right after all these activities, a descriptive introduction about the company was given by the Team KOSÉ.

Here's a little about the company - Kosé is a Japan based cosmetic and beauty brand famous all across the world. It's a 40 years old skincare company and biggest one in Japan with over 450 billion yen market value. They are the one who introduced first beauty serum in 1975 and also the proud inventors of first powder foundation in the year 1976. For having a quality product range, they have won the prestigious Deming Prize which is Japan's national quality award for industry. Kosé has a partnership with many famous brands like Lóreal, marie claire, adidas skin protection and many more. It is one the companies which is growing rapidly in the skincare industry. India is the 26th country where they have launched their products.

After 3 years of research and many surveys on getting to know the requirements of Indians, they launched SPAWAKE. This range does not have any fruits or harsh chemicals, Spawake has seaweed called Laminaria Japonica extract, which makes it new and innovative from all the present skin care brands currently dealing in India. Their current investment in India is of 400 million rupees and also the products will be made in India and inspired from Japan. As of now their product line include fash wash, face mask, scrub, fairness cream for day and night and a fairness gel.

After all the information, the face of the product i.e. the brand ambassador of Kosé India was revealed. It is bollywood's one of the talented and gorgeous actress Aditi Rao Hydari.She was wearing a long sequin gown and was looking all beautiful. She praised the product and also talked about the underwater shoot for the advertisement. Then we had a chance to talk to the Kosé team and aditi rao hydari where they answered all the questions bloggers asked them about and then there was a musical event.

Around 9 the dinner was served, the hall was filled with the aroma of delicacies, sound of glasses clinking, people cheered and happy faces all around. We also got a hamper from the team Kosé, which included a huge wooden box and it had all the Spawake products that they launched and it also had a towel handkerchief, a hand-mirror and a 8GB pendrive. Isn't it awesome?! Indeed. Later sharp at 10, I boarded my Indibus which was arranged by the Indiblogger team and they dropped me home safely in time.

The very next day I tried their products, they were very light on the skin and to be very honest I really like the facewash, it's non lathering and because it has seaweeds, it gives a very fresh feel. It is definitely worth to give it a try. As Myntra is their official digital partner, you can buy SPAWAKE range from there online.

Here are a few pictures from the event:

Beautiful Hyatt.. Isn't it?

All the officials of Team Kosé.

All the items I've collected moment. 
My '30 seconds of fame' moment.

The team!
Their success graph going UP..UP & UP!

Aditi Rao Hydari - The Brand Ambassdor!

The Musical Event. 
The Hud-Hud moment. 
The whole SPAWAKE Kit.

Thanks for reading my blog, for more updates connect with me on various social networks, links are on the left side of the page. Happy Reading!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Like the Rolling Stones'

In our society especially in India 'marriage' is the synonym for 'settling down' in life. I'm 23 and almost all my relatives ask me 'so when are you settling down?' Is it really important to tie a knot to have a settled life? Honestly, whenever I hear such a thing, I feel like screaming out loudly that I am not a rock who will settle down late in life. I am a free bird and just want to fly and wander the whole world, someone who loves to explore and meet new people and learn everything about their culture and new languages.

Most of my friends including me are scared of marriage and through this post I want to tell our parents the biggest reason behind it is that 'settle down' thing. We all have spent most of our years in school and colleges and with every year we have developed some kind of passion to grasp more, to grow into something more and learning new things became a habit. So in the middle of everything how do you expect us to just walk away and settle down? If marriage means settling down and compromising on our dreams then I am ready to rock and roll like a bachelorette. 

I don't exactly know what marriage actually means, but all I want is to spend my whole life with a person who is passionate enough to face new challenges together with me while holding my hand, walking besides me. That one person who could move mountains for me, who'll love me more than anything else in this world and would also help me follow my dreams, share my visions and pushes me to pursue them. Haha, you must be thinking that 'dude, stop dreaming' but I truly believe that I'll meet one such guy in my life. I don't know when and where and how but the hope is still there in my heart even after two heartbreaks. People believe in God, and I believe in love. 

The day I'll meet the guy who would not let me settle down at any moment in life, who'd support me whenever I feel down and would inspire me with his greatness, I'll marry him. Am I asking for too much? I've met such couples who have faced so many ups and downs in their relationship but ultimately their love for eachother is still shining brightly just like the sun shines in the sky as the sky's biggest starlike object after a storm. So just like the sun, our lives greatest star is LOVE! Hope is that soon the clouds will make way for the light i.e, all the miseries in your life will soon be gone. 

So next time when someone asks you the "settle down" question just let them know that you're not a stone and ask them to show some sympathy for the devil which is one of the greatest hit of the rolling stones. Our greatest motive in life is not to tumble in the sea of worries rather do samba with your loved one and just rock N' roll. Hell yeah!