Saturday, July 14, 2012


Womaniya.. strange name! right? 

It's 2012, every girl love to listen SEXY, BOLD,HOT or HAWT but Being sexy is a crime for her,  wearing short clothes is a crime, after 6 if a girl is roaming on streets consider as a SLUT. Some Jigolo type guys stops their cars and make some signals, if she is really a slut or not and if she is not and their level of hunger for sex is so much high, we call it a RAPE! But who cares? Only her parents, not even those relatives who bring marriage proposals, who make judgements on her and her family members that their girl did mistake and now she is suffering and blah blah!! fuck those relatives. everytime i switch on my tv set, there comes one more news about girl who has been raped by some motherfucker assholes! what a shameee on our country? earlier there were open markets and now market+online shopping+many more things but still so many rapes! huh, i'm shocked! What should we do? Do you have some ideas to save these WOMANIYA? if, yes then please send me your feedback. i'm going to write a letter to the most silent person on earth i.e our so called prime minister that this is your last chance to do something for your country. change the image of women of our country! It's not sufficient by making a woman PRESIDENT, if she cannot do something, make someone who can work! Those rajya sabha and Lok sabha seats are for criminals only, make a reservation for some non- criminals too. we'll be very thankful!                      

                                                                                                           thanking you

INDIAN Womaniya! 


  1. every politician knows this thing and condemns it but none of them do anything. There must be severe punishment for rapes and sexual harrassement and the accused must be brought to justice in less time.
    And if we can fight against corruption the way Anna Hazare and his team did.. which the whole nation supported, then there must be another movement like that, on that level against the horrendous acts being practiced against women. Women are not behind men in any aspect or field. They have equal rights. For god's they are human too! We should come together and fight agianst those evil bastards. Take a stand against evil and make Womaniya live without fear!

  2. heard of the latest Guwahati incident - a teenaged girl in Guwahati was molested by a mob on a busy street on Monday evening for half an hour.
    just 1 persn came to rescue dat too in half n hour ----n it was a MOB

  3. One cannot wholly blame the govt. and politicians, its the outlook of our society combined with the way kids are brought up here.
    Guys are certainly a preference over girl chid, and are given more freedom than them. This makes them feel they are far more superior and they dont consider them paying them any respect because they are not worth it. Girls on the other side are considered to be weak and inefficient.
    all i think is if somehow this difference would cease to exist, half of this problem can be solved.
    GUys should be made to be sensitive towards these issues and there needs to be more openness about sex education at schools and even at home.
    Be the change you want to see in others!
    -Mahatma Gandhi