Thursday, August 2, 2012

Reservation or Restriction?

Through this Blog, i would like to aware the people of a vacancy in Delhi Agriculture Marketing Board! Any one who is interested and "eligible" can register.
I mentioned a word ELIGIBLE, but what exactly does this term mean to our country? 
Well the answer is a blatant NO. The main eligibility criterian for any job or even to apply in any college(especially Government-Aided) is CASTE.
But what's the actual meaning of eligibility? Being an Indian, my definition for eligibility was above mentioned factors in which the last factor i.e CASTE was most important. But when I googled it, Google gave me a new definition "Having the right to do or obtain something; satisfying the appropriate conditions."
Being a General in this country is a crime, there was a time when general caste people were the highest caste people in our country, but now everyone is ignoring them. Are they ignoring general CASTE? NO! They are ignoring people of their own land. Some poor people who are totally eligible but there biggest fault is that they belong to a general caste. This Caste discrimination is much more than just a solution for the un-opportunists of the country(The Backward Classes). It is, in itself, a destruction of the opportunities of a free man.
Many people ignore this, but I'm suffering with this problem. My brother, who is 29 is currently unemployed! And today when I googled for some job applications everywhere it was mentioned like this: 18-27 years for general candidates
5 years relaxation for SC/ST Candidates
3 years relation for OBC Candidates
So does this imply, which is as set by our government,that SC/ST and OBC people are more fit at the age of 28 and above than general people are not. 

If this is such a bloody rule then why we have so many old morons, uneducated politicians who have so many criminal records? So, today i got the answer that they all are from SC/ST or OBC or maybe some fucking caste! That is why they are so fit that they can watch porn in parliament house.. huh! so charged up everytime! 
Who is going to answer all of my questions? The Prime Minister? or our new President?
No one, everyone is busy in their life even our government whose "main purpose is to enable the people of a nation to live in safety and happiness. Government exists for the interests of the governed, not for the governors."
Please tell me about those people who are living safely and happily, which caste they belong? Please tell me! please.


  1. The problem can only be solved when non-general caste people start realizing that whatever reservation they get is as good as begging or stealing money... Doosre ka chura ke, and while you are not good enough.

    1. well said, Arpit.
      but when we get something free of cost, we consider it as a gift. So many people can never understand this.