Saturday, February 9, 2013

Raise your voice

“Awake India”, this is your country. Nothing has changed has even after freedom.Now no more “what can I do” or “this is the work of government or police” why we always say this and ends the whole story as if we do not care about it. Police and politicians are one of us, so we should change ourselves first. To make the future secure, teach your children some good manners. Never cover or ignore their mistakes. And today I promise, I will never say those lines and cover myself behind it. If I find something wrong, I will shout and will not support it. This is the pledge everyone should take, because until and unless we stand up others will not and we cannot expect this from our government, because this kind of attitude is what we actually follow. It’s time to change it otherwise this country will be the country of victims only. If you want to survive, make this a beautiful place to live not just by planting trees. Bring the change because “This is it”. 

Some police and politicians works for money, not for people. Actually, they don't work; they are the real dacoits who transform common people into criminals. They are the real culprits. We all know this fact so if they cannot help us, it’s time to hold each other’s hands and follow the principle of brotherhood. Help each other. Do not waste your time that first, they should help you, you become the helping hand first.

Lal Bahadur Shastri, Bhagat Singh were also common people who became freedom fighters. We all have that fire, just ignite it and burn the whole nation into wellness, peace, and prosperity. Bhagat Singh and Netaji did their solemn duty, now it’s our duty to build our country. This is the common step if you want to transform yourself from a common person into a great fighter. Do something. As an old proverb says “zulm karne se zyada sehne wala gunahgaar hota hai”. So, no need to be a victim. Fight for your right and file case against that corrupt at RTI. We have options, but nobody wants to fight. At least fight for yourself.

Raise your voice and fight against crime
Never support culprits and fire the light
Its time to wake up and enlighten everyone
Show this to the government and fight for your rights
Do something, else you will be the victim other night
Raise your voice, fight for crime.



  1. We keep quiet, so the criminals take our silence as a sign of weakness. We need to be assertive and raise our voice.