Saturday, February 2, 2013

Incredible India?!

“Incredible India”, a place where government is decreasing call rates, and is increasing the price of daily commodities, the necessity, at such a high rate. It is a place where one girl was raped brutally while our ministers were busy preparing for republic day. They disperse people away from India gate because they were fighting for their rights, then why do they invite people as an audience for celebrations. At parade, Indian soldiers can perform stunts and can sit 25 people on a bike, but rest of the days when people want to do that, they charge money.  So what’s the point of showing stunts publicly?

This is the story of incredible government of Incredible India, where oldies got chance and youth who has the courage are consider as the weaker section of the society. Then they say youth has nothing to do. The number of chances youth get is diminishing day by day because the one who was once a government employ, after retirement they easily get entry in politics and then they try to fix jobs for their own relatives. Here hard work is not considered, only power works. This is how they want to change the country.

Now I am fed up of being an Indian, I know if you want to clean this mess, you have to be there and have to tolerate everything about it. Earlier I was prepared for it but now I do not want my kids to suffer what I went through.

“I imagine India as a place where Hindus are celebrating Eid with Muslims and Muslims playing Holi with Hindus, where people are actually known by their names not by their surnames.
There will be no difference between people, only equality shines.
Every child is going to school and where women and men are considered equal.
Girl and boy have no pressure of marriage, happy families everywhere, happy people, happy you and happy me.”

Life is not easy as I imagined because all that I mentioned are the weak attributes here and these issues are so pointless that these things can mould even a kid into a terrorist. God gave us a life and life is so short but still we are wasting it like this. Life is a song written by God,
just play yourself and become someone’s best chartbuster. 

In the end, all I can say is that Pointless government but Incredible India.  :)


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