Saturday, February 16, 2013

TBS- Vitamin E Body Lotion #REVIEW

The body shop, one of the best and well known brand for makeup and skin care brand. Personally I love TBS and i'm going to give you my review about one of it's product which I used and loved it totally. It's Vitamin E Body Lotion. I have very sensitive skin and I cannot apply anything or any cream so most of the time I have to think about it, so one of my friend suggested me TBS's Vitamin E body lotion. And undoubtedly it really works, very gentle on skin and it's sweet aroma mesmerizes your sweet mornings when you apply it after bath. At least in my case, this Body Lotion makes my day with it's soothing aroma. So I give this product 10 on 10. Even my boyfriend loves it, when he holds my hand or kisses my cheek, he always says "I love your body fragrance". 

So, ladies use this lotion daily and you can get soothing aroma from your body everyday.

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Love. :)


  1. Good review - will have to get it on my next haul. Does it contain parabens though?
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  2. I have ever been using Vaseline body lotions. Do try the Cucumber/Aloe one too. You won't be disappointed.

    1. Lachlan, Yes i've tried all vaseline body lotions,but one thing which I like about this product is that you can use this in all the seasons. As in, if i talk about vaseline lotions so in summer, we use the cucumber one and in winters we use the shea butter one or the yellow one. But this one i can season in all the seasons. Try it atleast once, because I know you'll love it. :)