Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ring the bell

“Ring the bell” when you hear this, what comes to your mind first?  The advertisement that used to flash on our TV sets, and it was for women facing domestic violence. It was an initiative by government to stop domestic violence against women. It was about to raise your voice if you see any crime against women, so why not starting from our own house, our neighborhood. So all you have to do is to just “ring the bell” whenever you hear any women’s painful cry. She needs you. Go, and help her. She can be your mother, sister, and friend. Crime against women is not just an issue but it is a dangerous and deadly disease. Today in your neighborhood and tomorrow, it can be you by another monster. So being the future of this country lets remove the dirt. It’s a curse on our tomorrow, dirt spoiling our country, killing our women.  Women have equal rights to live like men. So why because of some filthy animals we live in darkness. We will rise, shine and we will raise our voice.

Ring the bell is now a cause supported by indiBloggers on women’s day and they are going to organize an event in New Delhi. I feel proud to be a part of it. But frankly when I was going through the post which they posted on their site, when I saw the timings, it is 5:00 Pm to 10:00 Pm. In the starting I was little nervous but when I started writing this, the power of feminism is coming and I am going for it. I am fearless, more confident now because if I really want to bring the change I have to do some cleaning and let me face the dirt. If a woman can keep, a house neat and clean and can handle all the issues in a family then she can run any country and can handle any issues. Dare you consider her small or less than anything, I bet you will face real troubles in life. Change your mentality towards women and let her shine like a diamond.

IndiBlogger and Breakthrough come together to launch “Ring The Bell” in India. Register soon, before all the seats are taken! See you everyone there. And if you haven’t booked your seat already now then here’s the link:

And don't forget to RING THE BELL