Saturday, April 6, 2013

Teenage love

I was 18 and you were 19
Our story began in my last teen
You found me cute,
We were on the seventh sky in our parachute
My teenage love was with you you you.

so innocent, so pure our hearts were
Cannot forget the day you proposed
You took all my worries away and we were like lock and key
My love with you was as deep as sea
That time you and I were We we we.

Suddenly she came and we began to fight
I hide my tears all day and cried whole night
Now I’m not anymore a teen
But I still remember that hard time
Because you were her partner in crime.
This is my story not a nursery rhyme.
I don't believe in love anymore
I can live on my own
Coz now you are not mine and I’m not yours yours yours.