Friday, April 5, 2013

Another chance at love

I still remember when he proposed me, when we dated, when we spent time together, when we used to hold hands but suddenly his one big mistake ruined everything. However, I also remember the time when he shouted, when he slapped, when I felt cheated.

It is very hard to come out from a whole-hearted relationship and it is even more difficult to continue life alone, but the fear of all the pain that I suffered makes me strong.

I am a kind of a girl, who always thinks from the heart, and I easily get attached with anyone. Now when my life wants me to change the chapter and wants me to continue it from a new beginning, I do not have the courage to do so. The fear of a broken heart stops me from falling for anyone.

It is very tough to give someone another chance, and even tougher to give yourself that another chance to fall again in love with someone else. That someone to whom I talk to, that someone who wishes me goodnight and that someone whose morning messages brings smile on my lips and joy in my heart. That someone whose childish jokes made me laugh. How to trust that someone? I don’t have enough strength to tolerate one more heart break. So let that someone go. I hope that fate will give us another chance.