Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Platinum Day of Love

You must have heard about the “platinum day of love” in T.V commercials or on any social media channel. However, do you know the story behind this tagline? Well, it is about the day when you realize that you want to spend the rest of your life with your loved one forever and for always. They chose platinum as the symbol of love because
  •       It is the rarest element in the earth’s crust, just like true love rarest of rare.
  •     It is considered a noble metal, and as we all know love is a noble act of offering trust.
  •         Platinum is non-toxic, just like love.

Everyone has his or her own love stories, some lasts forever and some ends with a surprise or a shock. Imagine hearing my voice talking to you as you read this article because I am going to share my platinum day of love with you.

The beginning- I met him two years ago at a party. It was one of my closest friend’s birthday party, so we all were having a good time. My friend also invited him (Aman) our batch-mate but different branch.We glanced at each other but didn't talk. Everyone was enjoying the party suddenly a boy (Stranger) came to me and asked for my number. Just when I was about to react, Aman pulled me towards him. I rested my head on his chest and wrapped my arms around him with the fear of the situation. 

(When I came back home, I was only thinking about those moments of love whole night.)

The second meet-up – It was our college fest when we met again as we were in the organizing team; it was the last day of our fest and Rashid Ali was the main guest who was going to perform. His songs are so melodious and soulful. We (Aman and I) exchanged glances but as everybody was around so we didn't talk to each other. AGAIN! Just when Rashid Ali entered and started singing “Kahin To Hogi Wo”, I noticed we were behind the stage alone and it was a beautiful night, stars were twinkling and the dim moonlight made the whole scenario even more sparkling. For the first time, we talked and danced on those beautiful tracks.
(This time when I came back home, he called me and we talked all night.)
The Proposal – We started talking and spending time with each other. It was Valentine’s Day and we went to Hauz Khas Village, one of the most beautiful places in Delhi. We were sitting near the lake when he started playing guitar and also sang the same song i.e. “Kahin to hogi wo” and proposed me. We started dating because my answer was a big YES! We’ve been inseparable ever since.
(Our love grows more each day. Sometimes things get rough but he's worth it.)  
So this is my platinum day of love, when he proposed because that day we decided to be with each other forever and for always. I Love Us! 


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  2. Lovely post! :) :)
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  3. Nice attempt... though I wish you had described at least one incident in detail.

    Arvind Passey

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  4. Shivani, Really romantic :)

    True story? Just 1 confusion- When did you share your Phone# with Aman? I guess it was in 'the beginning' as you spoke to him on the night of 'the second meet-up'. Am I correct?
    Or perhaps Aman got your number from another friend and called you!!! :)

    All the best for the contest!

  5. Sweet read more than just interesting . Keep sharing and keep glowing ! !