Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Parents Lie.... But why ??

Do you think your parents do not lie to you? Then check out this revelation post and ask yourself “parents lie… But why?”

  • “I have a surprise for you but you will get it only when you eat your food”. But the moment you complete your meal, they will make some excuses like “Okay, we will think about it”, “Tomorrow for sure, beta”.

  • Almost all the parents lie about Santa, that “if you will misbehave Santa will not come on this Christmas”. Oh my lord, Why they say such kiddish things?

  • “Don’t want go to school? It’s already 8” but in real, the time must me around seven. I am telling you they enjoy such pranks! 

  • “If you’ll ever lie, your nose will grow”. Then may God bless our parents. Huh!

  • Drinking tea or coffee will make your complexion dark. Yo! Nigga.

  • “Eating chocolates causes acne”. Yesterday i went to a parlor and had a chocolate facial. Duh?

  • “Don’t cross your eyes or make funny faces, you will become like that permanently.”

  • “If you will use perfume, ghosts will take you to their house”.  That is better than being with liars. :P

  • “If you swallow seeds of a fruit, a tree will grow inside you”. OMG, our parents are so creative in lying.

  • “If you ever do this again, we will send you to the boarding school where you will wash your clothes on your own, iron them and of course, your strict warden will not give you food.”

  • “No sweetie your brother is not my favorite, i love you both same.”

  • “When I was of your age, I used to do all my chores on my own”.

  •  “If you tell me the truth, i am not going to scold you”. It’s a traaaap, they will scold you very badly anyways.

  • We are going to uncle’s house only for an hour. Trust me it will not take long and then they repeat “One hour” after every hour.

  • “Wow, you look so beautiful”, even when you’re looking so horrible.

Help me to make this post even better. Share your moments when you felt cheated by your parents in the comment section. :)


  1. Most points are not applicable to my parents coz they always uphold honesty and integrity. But, yes, I have seen many parents resorting to these! I tried a creative story so that my kid will eat! It worked, Shivani :)
    But, the last point is common to all the parents as they feel their kid is the best looking one in the world! :)

    1. Hahaha oh! you're a yummy mummy well then i'm sure you must be aware of these common lies very well :P

  2. Parents always look out for their children and are inevitably keen to make sure that their kids are strong, healthy and get the best possible start in life. The best lie was Eating chacolate causes acne and drinking coffee makes u short...

    Wow such sweet lies was so encouraging...
    Thoughtful post Shivani Goyal Loved it..

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    1. Thanks Pankti :D
      I hope you enjoyed it!! :)

  4. Ha ha ha so true,bt they do lie a lot of times :) but for our better I guess.

  5. Interesting post, Shivani...I never really thought about this much, till now... :D These are a fair few white lies fed to us by our parents.

    Oh, I've nominated your blog for the Liebster Award.
    You can collect your award from here:

    1. Awww, that's so sweet of you Aniesha :)
      Thanks a lot!