Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Scribbler's Orchard: PART 5

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Cyrus was lying on the floor pretending to be unconscious so that he could listen what all the gang members were discussing. All the goons were drinking alcohol and were not in their senses and suddenly what Cyrus heard came like a big shock to him. He couldn't believe what he heard but they were actually planning to kill the PM on his next visit to Mumbai. Mukesh, one of the gang member suggested that they should use Cyrus as the suicide bomber and rest agreed to it. 

He listened and recorded every minute detail of their plan with the help of his smart watch which was the only help available for him at that moment. He took the benefit of their drunkenness and quickly whatsapped all the recordings to his friend Rohan and also the details of Tara and roohi. Cyrus asked him to contact Tara, the mother of the child who has been kidnapped, as soon as possible.

As he ended the conversation with Rohan, he recalled a memorable moment from his childhood with his father when he used to wait for him to come home so that they share a meal together and how his father compromised on the luxuries and worked as a real hero. For him his father was his biggest inspiration and he'll also lived a life with no regrets, so he decided he'll sacrifice his life to save the honorable PM and will also solve the mystery of the lost child; Roohi.


Tara was in a very important meeting when all of a sudden an unknown number flashed in her phone's screen. She left the conference room that very moment and answered the call.
"Hello", she said.

 Is your daughter missing? I have some really important information to share with you, Rohan responded.

"What do you want? Please spare my child, she is innocent and fragile. You want money, take as much as you want but please don't harm my child." Tara was sobbing and begging on phone.

"Ma'am, I don't know where your daughter is exactly but I have something which might help you to find out her location and help you find the people behind this. My friend Cyrus found your daughter's bag at the mumbai central station so I'm taking a rough guess that she's most probably in mumbai and is definitely not safe. The gang who is behind this is also planning something gruesome and I fear that your daughter and my friend are stuck in this and are suffering badly." Rohan said. ​

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