Friday, September 26, 2014


Shekhar has been keeping an eye on Ahuja's house and noting every stranger's entering and leaving the society, moreover he has strictly instructed the guards of their society too to be more attentive. 

It was a rainy day and Tara was at home. She took sick leave from her office. Both Shekhar and Tara were discussing about Ahuja and alongside doing extensive study about him over the Internet. She was talking while Shekhar was sitting and listening to her carefully. The images of the incident kept flashing on Shekhar's mind but he felt relieved after talking to Arjun on phone as he assured him that he will take out Roohi safely out of this case as soon as possible. Together, Arjun and Jennifer were heading towards Shekhar's place in his police jeep. 

It was around 2 in the afternoon, Tara went to the kitchen to make coffee.  

"Ting-tong"- the house bell rang.

Shekhar opened the door. It was Arjun and Jennifer. Shekhar welcomed them both into his house and Tara came out of the kitchen with 4 cups of coffee.

They all had coffee and immediately started the discussion surrounding the whole plot, Jennifer opened the laptop the showed them the draft section of Cyrus's blog. They read it all, one by one and found that it's not just a case of kidnapping, this case was much deeply rooted thanit's trunk. Tara also shared all the data that they collected about Ahuja, and they digged into everything - news articles, images, society gatherings, old incidents, cases with no leads etc. Shekhar also discussed about the incident in which he saw Roohi's bag in the back of the car in their society.

Tara started crying, being worried for her only daughter Roohi! Jennifer consoled her while Shekhar showed Ahuja's house to Arjun from his window, as they were standing near the window they saw three strangers were making an entrance into his house. Because it was raining they didn't see anything clearly but exactly after 20 minutes only 2 guys came out and it made Shekhar suspicious, and Arjun shared the same thoughts. 

Shekhar requested Arjun to investigate more about Ahuja & also about those 3 guys who were found dead near the beach Shekhar anticipated that this could lead them the black honda accord they were driving which had Roohi's bag in the back seat. Arjun assured Shekhar of  Roohi's safety and also asked him to keep an eye Ahuja's activities around his house. 

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