Friday, August 3, 2012

Just a Beginning


Hey Guys, I hope you like my last two posts i.e Womaniya and Reservation and restricton
I want to share my experience with everyone how i felt when i was writing them. These two posts are very close to my heart.  

I was very hesitated when i shared it with my friends. Two of my friends are great bloggers and i'm nothing in front of them; they are Megha Shrimali and Aditya Bhasin. These two are my inspiration. :) A big thanks to both of you.
When i wrote Womaniya, i was very nervous because of my poor Vocabulary. I miss my English teacher a lot sometimes :P  Even i didn't shared it with my Facebook friends. I shared it with my friend Rohan Vir, who is my teacher who helps me to find out my mistakes and also my first reader. 

So, to everyone who want to write but they are hesitating; then please "Don't hesitate and express yourself". Feel free and write what your heart says no matter how many mistakes you make. After all " who needs a critic to feel good" . One day you'll be a great Blogger! And share it with your friends because those who really care for you will teach you just like my friend. :)

All the best!

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  1. Thank you for the mention! :*
    Keep blogging!!!
    it is soo much FUN