Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rape City

Right now i am angry, frustrated and scared because what happened in my city last night was a SHAMEFUL incident. We just celebrated 100 years of Delhi but what happened in those 100 years with women is as same as 100 years before.
I'm puzzled and don't know what to say or what to write, i have some words in which i want to express the true condition of women in my country.


I'm a girl, not a boy.
Is it a crime?
I'm scared and scarred.

i might get raped coz I'm a girl
what have i done to deserve this?
my parents are scared coz of this.

i can work like a boy
i can earn like a man
then why they compare?
I'm giving birth to the future
and still my today is full of nightmares.

We score more marks in CBSE,IIT
then why we need quota?
Laxmi, durga, saraswati are our great goddess
and today men call us a tota.

I'm a girl, I'm proud of it
dare you say I'm weaker than anything
Respect me and please don't consider me as an object or a thing.

Daughter, sister, wife, mother are my name
please don't do this even if you are not ashamed.

if you stop this no father will kill me during my birth
if it continuous, one day it will stop the earth.

Make Love, Not Rape!
Its time to end this RAPE CULTURE.



  1. I feel horrified, sad, shocked, angry, insecure and hopeless.
    A girl got raped in THE CAPITAL of INDIA, in a moving bus, by six people.
    Out of those six, nobody hesitated to do such a heinous offense. None of them had any piece of humanity left in them!
    They raped her,forced an iron rod into her, and threw her out of the bus; Naked!
    Those six people are still breathing. They are still alive.
    I want them to get punished. A punishment that would serve as a lesson for them and for anyone who has ever raped anyone.
    The most appropriate punishment according to me would be to remove their genitals and hang them publicly!
    This should be done, so that no one ever thinks of raping a girl.
    Even if a girl is walking down the street all naked, no mother fucking bastard has the right to rape her.