Monday, December 24, 2012

Youth Unite and Fight!

Youth, for now they can only be defined as the people who are frustrated, agitated and angered by the lazy and corrupt government. Our so-called “leaders” who are so busy getting involved in corruption scandals that they don’t even have time to serve people. And that’s why Youth is angry and fighting for justice at India gate, because this they want justice for the girl who was brutally gang-raped by creatures worse than animals and is now fighting for her life in Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi. Her only mistake was that she took the wrong bus, but if the bus was wrong then why it was running on Delhi roads? 

Rape City, raped her!
Now it’s not just her fight and she is not alone. So this time "Bade dil walo ki Dilli" is fighting for her.  

I went to India Gate to support her cause, and here I am going to share my experience. Saturday morning around 10, I went there along with my cousins and my uncle because my family members were scared to send us alone.

There were so many people of different age groups and everyone was shouting "We want justice" along with some posters. Some of the most eye catchy lines I want to share here. “real men, don’t rape" , " New year resolution : I will try not to get raped" and one small little girl who was with her dad holding a poster and it says " Save my dignity, I am your daughter"

We started moving from India gate to Raisina road. We were in a group and we were sloganeer "Sheila dixit Haye haye" "Sonia Gandhi haye haye", "Rape karne walo ko, zinda jala do saalo ko" and my favorite one "Sonia jiski mummy hai, wo sarkar nikammi hai". Till Raisina Hill road everyone was shouting these lines.

At Raisina Hill road, the view was shocking because there were so many police and CRPF commandos. As we came closer to Rashtrapati Bhawan they started water cannons and tear gas. This was my first time when I experienced tear gas as it caused excessive tearing and irritation. People were running for water. Many people vomited  and thankfully, we carried some water bottles from home so we helped many people there. That time i was feeling like I’m doing something for my country. Actually, every person present there contributed his/her part towards the motherland as it was actually not a safe place. Raisina Hills were looking like "HALDI GHATI".

I came home around four, as everyone was calling us to come home as soon as possible because they saw on news channels what was happening and were scared a lot. When I was there I could feel that everyone here is my brother or sister, I seriously can’t express the feeling in words, one should go and fight and contribute their part for our motherland.
From my camera:

Yesterday our home minister held a press conference and he said he will take actions as soon as possible. And today our chief minister said “she is angry at Delhi police”. So what they mean was police used water cannons and tear gas without anyone's permission? They think this youth don’t know anything?

Our president who is known as “Mahamahin” or the “king”, where is he? People of his country are dying, girls are not safe so why he is ruling when he is incapable of taking an action or to do anything about the situation?

Where is our prime-minister?
Around 6 months back Anna Hazare started a movement against government to bring Lok Pal bill and eliminate corruption that time so many people were there supporting him. Right now, is he fasting somewhere? Because I don't think this is a small issue. It is about women, no one was there. At the time of Anna’s fast Lathi charge was on common people and even today it’s the same. Where is the Anna who collected people?

Where is Kiran Bedi? She is herself a woman and she is there not for women anymore?
The most positive thing about this protest is the "Youth", everyone is there and they are not protesting for money or fame, they just want Justice. Women don’t want to be raped, men don’t want their female friend or family member to go through this evil deed practiced by sick creatures.

Youth has had enough. They are now here to get things right. They have woken up and now it’s time for the government to wake up and start functioning properly.

We want justice, what they did with the girl was disgusting so we want them to be hanged till death.

2014 elections are coming, if Congress really wants to win this time they must bring the changes in the law as soon as possible because this time in elections their biggest competitor is there Mr. Arvind Kejriwal.

In this case there is no son of any politician involved nor does any particular religion vote that they are saving him. So why is the government hesitating this time? 

I just want equal justice for women, we don’t want quota we just want respect and safety. Because one must not forget that if one woman caused Mahabharata then a lot can happen this time.

Now, this is it. It’s time to bring the change!



  1. very's d tym to change d law n of course d government after such a big protest,we are still listening d rape cases daily...the youth is not calm;every1 can see dat but still dese animals r doing ds n evn wid lil gals...they are aware that our govt'll nt do anything...i think it's d tym for public to do something...dese bastards shud b given to the public...n v ppl'll dcd wot 2 do with dese animals..