Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Think..a world without us!

A women is like a rose, so soft and fragile.

Violence against women begins in the womb.
But, what's her crime?

She is a daughter; let her move like water.
She is a girl; she is as fresh and gentle as a pearl.She is a sister; do not rape her, cruel mister.
She is wife; just let her live her life.
She is a mother; give respect and love to her altogether.

When a daughter marries a man of her choice, they kill her and say honor killing.
But when son marries of his own choice, they say because he was willing.

Imagine a world without us, and do not take the word gay as happy
Because the happiness we give, you will crave for it.

World without women is like a body without a soul.
Then what will be your role?

No mother son, no daughter father, no husband wife
Just a bunch of gays without any life.

No mother to care, no sister to fight with and don't forget no girl to share your life with.
A world without women will be doomed, a world without women will be a world without YOU.

A warm touch of woman, their love and compassion.
Men are incomplete without women, world is incomplete without women.


  1. Superb gurumata

  2. Hi Shivani,

    Indeed, the world without females looks quite dreaded and the whole cycle of life would be disrupted.
    Humans need to learn to respect one another, especially the other gender.

    Lovely poem.



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