Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hear my cry

“Hear my cry” says a baby girl when you kill her when she just opened her eyes in the world.

“Hear my cry” says a school-going girl who is harassed by many man on roads.

“Hear my cry” says a married woman who has been beaten by her husband every other night.

But everybody is listening but not responding when “she” is crying.

I want to share an incident that happened recently, I was with my friends at Delhi University, and it was around six in evening so were having tea there. Suddenly a couple started fighting so we ignored it at first as couples fight sometimes and that might be their personal matter, so we did not interfere.

But suddenly what we saw was shocking, the guy was pulling that girl by her hair across the road and that was intolerable for us, so we followed them along with some more people who were waiting for the bus. Then the guy pushed her in an auto rickshaw and suddenly the whole scene made me more angry, me and my friends were requesting some people elder than us to say something to the boy, but their answers were even more shocking which was " no we should not say anything as it’s their personal matter", then our luck was good enough that we found a cop there and we asked for some help, his answer was even more shocking " my working time is over" and trust me guys I’ve heard these things before in movies as dialogues. I was in a state where I was very angry and shocked and was feeling helpless as I was unable to help her.

Then we decided that we will fight so we asked him why are you beating her? He replied she is mentally ill and she always fights with him. Then the girl said he beats her at home also he does not allow her to talk with her parents and whole day he goes out and comes home late. Then everyone started moving towards their bus stops, and then both of them hired an auto and left.

So the main problem in this case was that they were a newly wedded couple and girl left her home for the guy and now the boy is dominating her. He does not allow her to do anything. The root of this is our society, because of which her parents didn’t allow her to marry him and therefore she ran away and today when she is in pain, our society is mocking them and entitle this as their personal matter. And we always fear of society.

This mindset is actually destroying our lives and it’s my humble request to all the girls especially teenagers, please don't trust anyone, you just started your life and living in this world is not easy as it seems. People are manipulative. Moreover, one more request to all Indian families that please support your daughter/son and stop being afraid of the society because in the end only your family will support you. This is a big lesson to learn and this will help us create an open-minded society. Society is just a piece of mind we created, as “What you are from inside is what you create on the outside”.



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