Friday, January 25, 2013

The dream we all share..

So all set for tomorrow? Tomorrow we are going to celebrate 64th republic day, the day our constitution came into force in 1950. This is the day when we all proudly go to India gate, enjoy the patriotism by waving flags, and enjoy the stunts by Indian army soldiers. The security there at that time is very high that even a bird can’t sit there. Republic day is a National holiday in India. Much efforts is put towards organizing events and celebrations that occur on Republic day in India. Large military battalion's parades from the Raisina Hill in the neighborhood of the majestic Rashtrapati Bhawan and passes along the Rajpath finally concluding at India Gate. Representatives of the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force and traditional dance troupes take part in the parades. Some moments from the previous republic day parades: 

But is this really what we all need to flaunt that “India is developing at a faster rate”, just by flashing the dummies of those huge and deadly missiles. For me, this is the only day where I get to know that in my country we have the third largest army in the whole world because rest of the days the condition is like someone flipped the coin.

Every year on this day, we exchange messages and our TV operators’ telecasts some patriotic movies like “Rang De Basanti” or “Shaheed” to show that we still remember those people who did so much for our country and for us. But rest of the days we are busy thinking and planning about moving abroad as soon as possible.

This is one of the dry days in India when all the shops of alcohols are closed. But rest of the days a drunk man can tease a women on streets. What is the whole point of celebrating one day when other day’s government does not care about the people? Why do we even celebrate Republic Day when we are not respecting the constitution or the laws?

I know what I wrote is not so encouraging but this is our reality because I am fed up of waiting for the day, when all the NRI’s will move back to their own country, their home, when women won’t be afraid to go out at nights, when there will be no honor killing, when there will be no child abuse, when the newspaper will only have good news. I know it is like a dream, we all dream but the reality or the situation these days, it’s pathetic.

Happy Republic Day people, I hope one day what I wrote in my last paragraph will come true, and before I die, even I want to live that moment.