Sunday, March 3, 2013

My hair story

Childhood, the best thing that happened in everybody’s life. This is the time when one can sleep on couch and when he/she wakes up on the bed, and every time it was a mystery. 
This is the time when broken crayons were the main biggest reason to cry for. The time when Barbie used to be every girl’s best friend.  The list is so long but those moments can only be remembered because childhood is a gift once in a lifetime. The innocence, those broken words, those promises we used to make with our friends everything is just so fantastic and perfect. 

I remember the time when my mom used to take me to parlor for haircut and I used to cry a lot. Because I always loved my hair. So my childhood story is I never let my mom to comb my hairs because she used to comb them little harsh (this was my perception), so my father used to comb them every morning. As my hair were growing long, my teachers in school used to scold me to braid them, but i never used to tell this at home because dad did not knew how to braid. But once when teacher wrote it in my diary, so it become compulsion for me to make a braid. My mom tried but i used to cry a lot because i wanted my dad to make it for me, so my mom taught my dad how to make it. And after that day, my father always used to braid my hair. Love those moments and miss those days.  



  1. Nostalgic!

    Reminds me of my sister and her twin plaits which took an eon to braid:)

  2. that baby in the picture is co cute...

  3. Your dad ties your hair...thats cool! . Nice pic too

  4. Lovely Blog post :-) enjoyed reading your blog :-)