Friday, April 5, 2013

How to deal with a break up?

Two people meet, become friends, they hang-out, then they enjoy each other’s company, texting, calling, exchange gifts, make-out and then suddenly they fall for each-other and they accept it and their Facebook status changes from “Single" to "In a relationship”.
Then suddenly, they spend time together and their expectations from each other increases as well, then with more time even more expectation; so EXPECTATIONS are directly proportional with TIME. As hours changes into days, days into months, months into years, expectations grows simultaneously. Then at one time, they become worse than two strangers do. In some cases becomes enemy.
Then finally, the last ceremony i.e. BREAK-UP.

For some people break-up means freedom, for some it is just a number game, for some another relationship, and then finally for some heartbreaks.  

Many of my friends getting into relationship and they ask me for some suggestions and help for their relationship, as once I was committed. On their faces I suggest them to understand each other  more, love each other, communicate more but the actual thing I would suggest them is that it’s better to be friends than to be in a thing which you cannot handle, and in which you expect more. 

Through this article, I am not saying to never fall for anyone but my message is about post effects of breakups, which I am suffering these days. 

We girls have one very idiotic habit that if we like someone we fight with him to gain his attention. Unknowingly we hurt them and even more to ourselves because boys’ get irritated with this thing so sometimes they shout and sometimes they hurt us even more.

If I talk about myself, my post breakup side effects are terrible. Now I eat more, sit idle on internet doing nothing, and sleep more thus, putting on a lot of weight.  But suddenly something which changed my life and now helping me to get over with it is “Writing articles”. All thanks to YOUTH QUOTIENT, because I write articles for them which keeps me little busy now. 

So my suggestion to all those who are suffering in a relationship or has suffered till now, to do something and make yourself indulge in anything you like. It can be writing articles as I did, photography, painting, designing, cooking… In short something worth your time.

There was a time when my life revolved around my friends and family. I used to be very out-spoken, chilled-out person and when he came into my life, it was all about him everywhere, every time on my mind and in my heart. Friends were slowly left behind. So of all the mistakes I have done, please learn something, and do not repeat them in your life. 

Life is all about make-ups and break-ups. I had breakup, everyone has breakups. So what if you had one? Do not chase them - replace them!  And MOVE ON!! 

Life is long, so wait for the right one to come. However, while you are waiting do something for your own life and make yourself happy, and make your parents proud.  

Because it is your life, and we get life just once so make most of it. 



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  1. "they enjoy each other’s company, texting, calling, exchange gifts, make-out and then suddenly they fall for each-other"
    So make out comes before falling into a relationship :D

    Last me YOLO hi likh deti, trend me hai aajkal

    Good write up :)