Sunday, April 14, 2013

Microsoft #Office365 IndiBlogger Meet: A Review!

Indian by birth, blogger by choice. – Indiblogger
Indiblogger, heaven for bloggers. It’s a place where so many people with different backgrounds, share their thoughts under one roof. The unique thing about indiblogger is the different kinds of activities they do on each meet. My first indiblogger meet was at British council, Delhi on women’s day. It was associated with breakthrough and ringthebell. Anoushka Shankar’s great sitar and swarthma’s great music and rahul bose’s charming face made my women’s day so special. That was not just indiblogger meet but it was to make everyone aware about women power.

Today 14th April ’13, it was my second meet and can say first real indiblogger meet because of all the activities that they do were not that day (be patient, I’ll mention all those later in this post).

I’m a part of indiblogger just because of one person, whom I know since 7th grade, we used to go for same tuition institute, and that time I used to hate him because of his bully nature. Aditya bhasin who is not only a great blogger but a very sweet person. Thank you so much. 

 My first real meet was at Blue frog, Delhi. It was far from my place, but the enthusiasm for indiblogger always attracts you, there were many people who came for the meet by travelling about 200kms. This is the passion we share, Bloggers. 

As usual, Anup gave a brief introduction about the event and we were three friends who were sitting in the front row. So the first event was one has to select one random number between 1 to 10 and there was surprise gifts behind each number. One girl chose number 3 and she got a rock. But after that on by one people chose numbers and they got Microsoft t-shirts and wireless mouse and of course 500 and 1000 rupees cash. These kind of random activities which no one can even think about become so special for some people.


After that, it was fame of 30 seconds; this is Indibloggers signature round as with this you can tell others about yourself and about your blog. Those who got the chance to speak; they also got t-shirts from Microsoft. And after that it was a brief session about Microsoft office 365 by ritu chaturvedi and after her brief introduction about office 365 then someone was from airtel and they told us about their association which was very cheap in price and one can have Microsoft and airtel services together. So one should go for it because soon I’m going to write blog on cloud with my Microsoft office 365.

After all those activities it was high tea time. And most surprising part was there was no tea, because bluefrog is one of the best and very reputed pubs in Delhi so there were all kinds of soft-drinks, alcohols along with mouth watering snacks. I was having my beer and suddenly I saw many people at one place forming a crowd so when I went there they were having surprise activities there. I participated in one of the activity which was to drink the whole bottle of beer in 3 gulps but I couldn’t so they gave me 2 more chance but in the last gulp I missed it with a very very little amount (can’t express my anger and the amount of regret) but suddenly I laughed and I spilled my beer on the host who was hosting those surprise activities. I’m so sorry sir, if you’re reading this.

Then we came back to the hall and then Anup read all the interesting tweets, and Aditya got one mouse as well. I was not lucky enough but frankly I am so lucky to be a part of such a prestigious group and for the bloggers; it’s heaven as I mentioned above. And then we had a group photograph session.

It’s a place where so many people like me who had no identity are now famous enough just because of those 30 seconds and now so many people are following their blogs. I would say the best thing that happened to me is INDIBLOGGER, who gave me so much fame and tomorrow I’m going to flaunt my t-shirt in my college.


  1. Awesome Shivani :)

  2. great! would you like to follow each other in gfc and bloglovin? let me know!

  3. ah! How cute.. Loved reading your experiences...I'm surely going for more of these meets :)

  4. That's nice Shivani! so it means indiblogger meet really worth attending! Hope to get all fun tomorrow at #freshandhappy indiblogger meet :)

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