Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Gift of Friendship

Friendship, well I am writing on this topic because one of my readers suggested me to try my hand on it so this is especially for you. Since primary school, I had so many friends in life but very few are with me at this time. Today I was listening to radio and there was a fact which they mentioned in their show which was “91% of best-friends don’t even talk to each other as they grow up” which was very true.

As we are growing old, everyone is getting busy in their life and with their work that they do they don’t have enough time for a 2-minute conversation with their friends anymore. But do you really think is it the time which is separating us? Well, I would say it is all about priorities we set for people in life.

When we were in school, we used to talk to our school friends and then when we came to college, we talk to our college friends and so on. But we always forget about the past, about the things we shared with our old friends. As an old saying “OLD IS GOLD” but now days we just fold those days, rather than we should have a hold on those people and time.
Friends are the most fun loving, caring people one can have in their life. This strange bond can become even stronger than any other relationship. But for that we need to give time, just time to it. I would say those who have at least one good friend in their life, are the luckiest people. So always, make your friends feel special just by spending some time at a coffee shop or 2-minute phone conversation. Because I noticed, one thing, which ruins friendship most of the times, is “misunderstanding”. And they do not even confront their mistakes. One of my teachers who teach me project management always says one should talk if they want to solve all the conflicts. And I totally agree with her. Life is too short to waste, so solve all the issues in life and no need to hold onto it for long.

We always expect the other person to talk first, so be that one, and start over the conversation once again and enjoy life.


  1. I have read almost all of ur posts all are superb mind blowing but u should write little more I mean aapne itni achi achi story likhi hai but those are very short. jaise hi interest suru hota hai aap uska end kara dete ho. :( u need to increase it's length and use ur brilliant god gifted power :) . My fvrts are "ur hair story" , "platinum day of love" and "never let me go"