Monday, April 22, 2013

Engineers on cloud 365!

"Indian by birth, engineer by choice". I hope that Indiblogger will not sue me for this. Well, Life of an engineer is not very easy, as it seems. Eight long semesters, 60+ exams, so many assignments and that’s not all, in every semester we have to give so many presentations, projects and research papers for all subjects as well. There is lot more pain; I cannot discuss everything here as this may deviate me from my topic that I am going to write.

High fee, less time makes our life even more disgusting. Do you know why Delhi University students have a better life than any engineering college student does?  Well because in Delhi University, students have negligible fees as compared to course fees per annum, so they can take money from their parents anytime for shopping, and they have even time for it.

If I talk about myself, my college is at a distance of 65 km far from my college. Soon, my final semester exams are coming and before that, we have to give presentations for each subject. I remember in my last semester on the day of presentation I forgot my pen drive at home and as I mentioned above the distance between my college and my home, it was impossible for me to go home and bring the pen drive. I still regret for being so careless.

Now, it’s my final semester going on and this time I don’t want to take any chance, so this time before I’ll leave for college, I’ll just upload it on cloud, which is a great service provided by Microsoft which will follow me wherever I’ll go and 65 is now just a number. But you must be thinking that how I’ll afford such a great service. So here is a good news for all the students just like me who cannot afford it, Airtel is now associated with Microsoft and they are providing their services together in a very cheap amount, which is very affordable. The amount you pay for two movie tickets with all the eatables is all you have to pay for this service. Isn't it great?


Microsoft office 365 is a great upgradation of Microsoft office because some of the features we have never thought of are now possible as well as affordable :
>Cloud computing
>parallel editing
>highly secure
>Available in 33 languages.

Therefore, I would highly recommend all my readers to try this service and I’m sure you’ll love it. 

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