Sunday, July 28, 2013

Family or Foe?

There were 4 brothers of same mother. They were financially very good because they had their huge family business that was set up by their father. The eldest brother was very kind, traditional and a very loving brother. He used to love all his younger brothers a lot. Because of his efforts all his brothers were together because they all used to fight over property and their well settled family business. But on this he said “If you want to divide this, do this after me”. He tried his best to make them happy but he couldn’t because his brothers wanted dispute.

One day he was in his office and once again, one of the brothers started the topic of dividing property as their huge family business had suffered some loss. Everyone was blaming him for the loss of the company. He cried and replied “If you want to divide this, do this after me”. He was much tensed because of this incident. He was a patient of high blood pressure and just because of all this he asked his driver to throw his medicine. Driver followed his orders. When he came home he ordered his wife to make some pakodas and halva for him. He was not well, so she refused. But he shouted in anger and said “If you’ll not make them at home, I’ll go and eat outside”. So she gave in and did as he said, because she was already worried about his health and if he’ll go outside and eat too much unhealthy food prepared in unhealthy oil, it will ruin his health even more. Finally she started preparing pakodas and halva for him while he was sitting in his room waiting. She cried while cooking because she wasn’t feeling good about this. Finally she served pakodas, he ate them. He was about to eat first pakoda and as she served halva he suddenly fell down.

He got a paralytic attack. She hurriedly called the driver, and they all took him to a hospital. After 3 days his soul left his body and everybody else all alone. He left his one and only son, whom he loved so much. He actually died because of hypertension.

I guess now his brothers can take their part of blood money for which they were so hungry that they actually killed their own loving brother. I wish his soul is now free from all the tensions because of which he actually suffered. I wish he will rest in peace and goodness for his family.

  •   Negative side of joint family:

Ø  The more people you have in your family, the more you are attached and the more you suffer pain when they leave.
Ø  Family disputes or fighting for money.
Ø  Joint business, because at some point of time someone will become greedy.


  1. Is this based on a true incident?
    Good piece of writing :)

  2. It's good to divide things at the right time, especially business and property. Really sad. My God give strength to the family members.

  3. Everything in this world has some positive and some negative sides.It all depends on the person to explore the negative the brothers did in the story...or to experiance the positve side as the eldest brother in the story tried to do...

    Keep thinking and writing....

  4. How simple, how true. 'Family matters' but only when you need them. Else life is all about oneself these days. Pathetic. :|