Saturday, August 3, 2013

A true Lovestory never ENDS.

We always talk about true love, how deeply you are in love with the person, how you can do anything for him/her. But we always ignore the other part of the story, about our parents, our family, and our ethics. Well this is a story of two who were deeply in love.  This story is about Sumit and Pooja. Sumit’s family just shifted to a new place where Pooja used to live. They were neighbors and soon became good friends. They both are of same age and they completed their 12th boards’ exam together. And just by chance they fell in love with each other. Everything was just too perfect. Their families bonded well too. So they thought in future, there will be no problem if they continue their relationship.

They faced many problems but nothing could ever break the bond they shared. As they completed their graduation, Sumit’s family started looking for a girl. They (Sumit and Pooja) used to cry a lot but Sumit’s stubborn nature saved their relationship. When Sumit’s parents discovered their relationship, they broke all their ties with Pooja’s family and never spoke to them.  The only problem was RELIGION. Pooja was Punjabi and Sumit was a Baniya. Can you imagine both of them were Hindu and still faced caste issues? (Well, that’s why I hate my country and our caste system).On the other hand Pooja’s elder brother was supportive but very strict, and he felt that Sumit’s family won’t ever accept their relationship so he asked Pooja to end it because there seemed no possible future for their relation.

Sumit was finally independent and they could have easily run away and live together but they didn’t. He was afraid of the society that if they eloped, people will comment on their family, and about his sister who was studying and in future, people will make up bad things about her character also. Sumit cried in front of Pooja’s brother and somehow convinced him that there is a possibility for their marriage in future.

Sumit’s mom was getting worried for his son and people started making stuff about their relationship, but they never cared for it. Sumit’s father was a stubborn man, and he made a decision that Pooja cannot be a part of their family. But Sumit made his own decision that he’ll marry only Pooja otherwise he will not marry anyone. After some years when they finally realized how much they are in love with each other, it melted their hearts and they finally were tied to each other in the sacred bond of love, they were married. They waited 13 years for this day and finally their hard work and their love paid off. 

True love stories are so rare these days. They could have easily run away and could have started their own new life but Sumit’s love and care for his family and especially for her sister made her so strong that he once decided that he would not marry anyone. Through this story, I just want to spread a message that no matter how much you love someone but please don’t just neglect your family. Our parents did so much for us and I don’t think they deserve to be ashamed because of us. They taught us how to walk and now when they are getting old, how can you just leave them? Try to convince them, they cannot be harsh on you for long. They brought you into this world, and they always wish for happiness in your life. Love them because they really deserve to be loved.



  1. Wao :) I am so happy for Bhaiya and Bhabhi :)
    beautifully written Goyal! :*

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  2. Hats off 4 patience of couple....:) generally ppl fail to stand and their part remains incompelete...

  3. thanks shivani u sooooo much..

  4. Awesomee. (y) didi :D ;) :P

  5. some are lucky and some are not .. congrats to the couple :) god bless u :)