Friday, November 1, 2013

How To Quit Being A Quitter?

Are you among those who have joined the gym but not able to go there regularly?  If yes, then just go through this article and I am sure you’ll feel motivated to go to the gym every day. With these 13 deadly tips, tricks and guides you will be able to quit your habit of being a gym quitter.  Motivate yourself with these practical tips:

1. Warm it up: Are you afraid of going to gym because of heavy training exercises? Then start your exercising routine with some light exercise like warm up with 5-10 minutes cardio, brisk walking etc. Sometimes, thinking too big can ruin everything, so try to exercise in small portions and start your workout with some easy exercises (especially beginners).

2. Stop hitting the snooze button- Try to go to gym in the morning because as day progresses you find more excuses for not going to gym. Moreover, don’t keep your alarm clock right beside your bed. If you want to conquer the world, then you need to bounce out of the bed. 

3. Boost is the secret of our energy: It has scientifically proved that exercising can boost your mood. Once you continue this habit of hitting the gym regularly, you will feel lighter and it will boost your energy level too.

4. Turn up the music: Jamming at the gym can help you a lot physiologically. Do you know why The Seven Dwarfs told us to "whistle while you work”, well it’s because when you listen to music during your workout routine, it can distract you from the pain of a training session. So, load your favorite songs in your I-Pod, because music enhances exercise endurance.

5. It's about priorities: Keep this in your mind that exercise is really important for your health, not for anyone else. So do not fool yourself by skipping your workouts for an important meeting or a date. First, treat yourself good, rest can wait.

6. Beat the monday blues: We always say “we’ll start exercising from Monday" But why not today?  The best time of working out is between yesterday and tomorrow i.e. today, so keep exercising and keep yourself fit!

7. Feel good factor: Many people worry about their looks while going to a gym that “they don’t look good in their gyming costume” etc. Well folks, do not look beautiful to exercise, exercise to look beautiful. So, focus on the good side of gyming and what exercising make you feel. Kill your negative thoughts and replace them with some positive ones.

8. Kill anger: Physical activities releases endorphin, a chemical that makes us happy. So one should go to gym to reduce stress and anger issues.

9. Treat yourself: What is the point of setting a goal when you get nothing in return? Give yourself a small treat when you hit your targeted set of reps. this is for training and motivating your brain.

10. Go for a gym date: Make friends at the gym, this will make your workout more engaging and fun. Making gym time a social activity can make you more active.

11. Be the spotter: Be the most enthusiastic dude at the gym, more people will follow your steps, you will be double motivated with it, and it will boost your confidence level too.

12. It's Ok to snack before exercising: If you're not feeling good to go to the gym, eat a small meal and that can really help you to increase your energy level. However, it should not be too oily or fatty, eat a fruit or a seasonal vegetable.

13. Few alternatives: If you're fed up of your gym or with same workout routine then go for some fun activities like Rumba, yoga etc at least twice in a week.

Try out these motivational tips and hit the gym regularly. Also, tell me your success stories, I would love to hear from my readers how they keep themselves motivated for going to gym regularly. For more health related tips and workout guides, check out ! 


  1. I wish all gym haters or lazy bums get to read ur post and feel motivated. My gym coach told me that often people take a break in between, thinking that 1 day absence will not make a difference. Whereas that "one" day only spoils the entire schedule! In short a motivation for 1 day, if present. will do wonders! Nice read Shivani! Cheers :-)

    1. I agree with you girl :)
      Some more posts on motivation coming soon!

  2. Really helpful tips! I have a gymn in my society, but never felt like going. Now I think I will go!

    1. It's soo good to hear that my post motivated someone! Goodluck Renuka :)

  3. it means, i m suffering from "Monday blues".


    helpful tips, thanks.

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