Thursday, October 31, 2013

Smart Suraksha On Road

Be Safe on streets!
Recently, Supreme Court announced the final verdict for the most shocking case in the history of India, which was Delhi gang rape case that happened last year. As we all know, that this case showed us the true image of Delhi police security for women. Nirbhaya(the victim) who lost the battle of life but she gave all of us a lesson that we have to fight for our own rights and we should not depend on police for our safety. 

For this case, different people had their different opinions. Some said, “A girl should not go out at night to avoid rape”, while other suggested “Girls should get married at the age of 16”. Moreover, the most shocking statement given by the biggest RAPIST in India was by Asharam bapu, who said, “The victim was equally responsible for the mishappening that happened and she should have taken God’s name” and should have said to rapists that “Brother, I am helpless and you are my religious brother”.

So ladies, do you really expect something good from such chauvinistic people? Well No, you shouldn’t! Start taking certain precautions and fight for your own rights. Why we should depend on others? We are not helpless, we can fight, and we will fight. Through this article, I am going to share some Smart Surakhsha tips for all my readers. Check it out:

1. As I mentioned above, a hypocrite gave his opinion that “Girls should not go out at night”, So here’s my tip for it that we should go out after seven, and make it a trend. It should not be a big deal for any girl to out late night.

2.  Now, after setting the trend we should take some precautions and should carry a Pepper Spray, a message for all the boys “If you want to show care to your sister or girlfriend and even mother, please gift her a bottle of pepper spray”. 

3.  Do not drink too much and get high. Moreover, do not lose your senses by drinking too much alcohol. If you want to chill out, go with some trustworthy people and inform your parents about your plans (of course, exclude the alcohol part, but at least tell them with whom and where you are going).

4.  Go for Ladies night, these days many bars/lounges have started this trend of ladies night where only women are allowed, so go with your girlfriends and have a good time there.

5.  Learn some self-defense techniques. Judo-karate, kickboxing, martial arts, and many more courses are easily available by many training centres. So learn any one of the technique and go out confidently.

6.  Help the helpless, because you never know when you will be the victim of any demon. Therefore, it is our responsibility to raise our voice for others, and then only others will take a stand for us. It’s like an eye for an eye and hand for a hand.

7.  Park smartly and keep your senses high in a parking lot. Try to park your car near a security camera and when you are walking back to your car just observe your surroundings keenly.

8. These days mostly all women carry a smart phone or tab, which is fully loaded with so many apps like whatsapp, instagram, we chat, chat-on etc. Just by loading such applications how can you make sure that your device is actually ‘Smart’? Here are some few amazing apps which were designed for women’s safety and are easily available on Googleplay, install an app right now:

              Smart Suraksha by Dark Matter India. 
             Women’s sacurity designed by Zayan Infotech
              - My Panic Alarm by Zined
              - Women Safety Secured by Blisstechworks
              - Secure her by Dexter Retail & Distribution Pvt. Ltd
     9. Do not ignore your gut feelings. As we all know, girls have the power of sixth sense, so take full advantage of it. If a person is following you and your gut says his intentions are not right, so just chuck your politeness and kick his butt hardly.

    10. Never trust anyone so easily and never be dependent on anyone. Just keep this in your mind and follow what your heart says.

    These are the precautions which I follow, so if you have some more tips and ideas feel free to post them as comments below. 

I am participating in the Seeking Smart Suraksha contest at in association with Smart Suraksha App.


  1. Shivani' s articles..they r always great ..and very truly said ..**@lways follow ur gut feeling**

  2. I loved the 1st point where u said we should go out after 7 and make it a trend! Yes...the world needs to know we are not scared to d%^&heads!

    1. Ahaann yeah shipli. I hope you enjoyed reading this. Some more posts coming very soon :)

  3. Hi Shivani...I totally agree with your blog. Its definitely time for women in India to take safety in their own hands. We have felt outraged by everything that happens to women and little that has been done about it. We are launching a range of safety products in India soon.
    The first product in the range is actually a Pepper Spray, that is attractive, functional and effective.. I just wanted to request you to include our website URL in your blog in point #2 and help us spread the word. You can also like us on our facebook page: dare safety products( Feel free to add your ideas and posts. Thanks in advance. Together we can do it.

    1. actually the website address is www(dot)daresafety(dot)com.

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