Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Paint | Guest Post

GUEST POST by Romit Sharma

Whenever I feel low, I talk to God and make wishes
He listen, smile, and sometimes agrees 
In return, I smile, thank him, and quietly say that I love you
I walk through time, space, and vacuum and get what I wish for
I become happy and cherish the blissful moments..

Time moves and I'm not content with what I have
I feel stupid, impulsive, and selfish
I'm clumsy so I mess up
I take a while to realize, time walks away and I keep ignoring and believing in a cloud pretending

I curse myself then I turn to God 
I'm furious, sad, and in agony, I tell him its all his fault and I cry
He smiles and asks me if I really mean what I say
He gave me what I asked for and for good
He then asks me to paint
What I see, the next dawn

I'm scared,confused
I believe good, but not myself
At times I give up , at some I come running for the paint
God gives me all the freedom, all the paint and all he tells me is 
"No matter what decisions you take,what choices you opt for,
You might eventually end up someplace dark
U painted this already, saw it and placed it 
As for the dark, I'm with you,inside you
And I believe in you, you just have to believe in me" 

Then I saw the beauty of darkness, the pain a storm holds inside,
I'm relieved but not calm,
I wish again, I paint again,
I walk through time again, walk within myself
I make good, I make bad again,
I smile, and I cry again

This despair and confusion might last an eternity,this voyage might last forever, 
but, that doesn't matter much as I feel happy inside,
I end, and it all begins all over again!​


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