Monday, December 29, 2014

Like the Rolling Stones'

In our society especially in India 'marriage' is the synonym for 'settling down' in life. I'm 23 and almost all my relatives ask me 'so when are you settling down?' Is it really important to tie a knot to have a settled life? Honestly, whenever I hear such a thing, I feel like screaming out loudly that I am not a rock who will settle down late in life. I am a free bird and just want to fly and wander the whole world, someone who loves to explore and meet new people and learn everything about their culture and new languages.

Most of my friends including me are scared of marriage and through this post I want to tell our parents the biggest reason behind it is that 'settle down' thing. We all have spent most of our years in school and colleges and with every year we have developed some kind of passion to grasp more, to grow into something more and learning new things became a habit. So in the middle of everything how do you expect us to just walk away and settle down? If marriage means settling down and compromising on our dreams then I am ready to rock and roll like a bachelorette. 

I don't exactly know what marriage actually means, but all I want is to spend my whole life with a person who is passionate enough to face new challenges together with me while holding my hand, walking besides me. That one person who could move mountains for me, who'll love me more than anything else in this world and would also help me follow my dreams, share my visions and pushes me to pursue them. Haha, you must be thinking that 'dude, stop dreaming' but I truly believe that I'll meet one such guy in my life. I don't know when and where and how but the hope is still there in my heart even after two heartbreaks. People believe in God, and I believe in love. 

The day I'll meet the guy who would not let me settle down at any moment in life, who'd support me whenever I feel down and would inspire me with his greatness, I'll marry him. Am I asking for too much? I've met such couples who have faced so many ups and downs in their relationship but ultimately their love for eachother is still shining brightly just like the sun shines in the sky as the sky's biggest starlike object after a storm. So just like the sun, our lives greatest star is LOVE! Hope is that soon the clouds will make way for the light i.e, all the miseries in your life will soon be gone. 

So next time when someone asks you the "settle down" question just let them know that you're not a stone and ask them to show some sympathy for the devil which is one of the greatest hit of the rolling stones. Our greatest motive in life is not to tumble in the sea of worries rather do samba with your loved one and just rock N' roll. Hell yeah! 


  1. True that! Don't get married just to settle down ;)

  2. Dont get married for the sake of society..
    They wont compromise in your marriagešŸ˜