Friday, June 19, 2015

Things girls do when they fight with their boyfriend

1. Update some senti status on facebook or whatspp. 


2. Or, deactivate all their social media accounts. This ritual is performed in order to make the guy realize how lonely they are without her in the big Wide Wild Web.


3. Update their display picture in a hot new avatar to let him know that 'Dude, it's your loss'.


4. Talk about him incessantly to anyone and everyone. They relate and discuss all their life's issues they faced with him and then the usual overthinking and blabbering.


5. Change their relationship status to 'single' or 'complicated'. I personally have a very bad perception about such kind of girls. I know I am being judgmental, can't help it.

6. Flirt with other guys. Never ever do this girls, have some f**king self respect.


7. Cry - well it is a good way to let go all of your frustration and this always works. Mad at him? Take some tissues, hit the restroom, close the door, sit on the commode and let it out(I mean tears).                   


8. Reconnect with their exes. This is a really bad idea. Why? Remember it never worked in the first place and it never will.


9. Look for new shoulder/s to cry upon and then repeating the same mistakes. It's a vicious cycle, a dangerous loop. My suggestion? First give your best to what you have and try, if nothing works, hit the goddamn mall. SHOPPING.. Who doesn't love shopping?


10. Finally, get drunk and call the guy. (Baby! I miss you**tears**-NEXT MIN-F**k you! You moron.. Leave me alone! :/ )


11. Stalk the guy on facebook, twitter through their fake accounts. 


If you relate to this, share it with your friends and let them know how big a drama queen you are. It's cool to be one ;) Peace out haters!


  1. Very true shiv
    Keep up the good work๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  2. Haha, that was a funny post. Most of the girls do that, indeed. :D

    1. Exactly Deeshani!
      I am sure you can relate to few as well. ;)

  3. mere kuch sawal hai jo sirf qayaamat k din puchunga tumse kyonki usse pehle tumhari aur meri baat ho sake "US LAYAK NAHI HO TUM"

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