Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Why Fighting Can Be Good for Your Relationship

I know you must be thinking how fighting can be healthy in any relationship. Right? Well, really it is not that bad either.

The simplest and the first logic says
'No TWO people are the same' hence it is obviously difficult to adjust with the other, but sometimes the feelings are so true and strong that you just can't afford to let that person go. So, if you guys are fighting then take it this way: While mixing two materials the reaction between them could generate heat, like it happens in any chemical reaction. Just try to add some chemistry in your relationship! I hope you must have understood by now what I'm trying to say because I am pretty good with Chemistry and I can explain it with fairly good numbers of chemical reactions too.  


My second logic goes like this: If you are fighting with your partner it is not because you want to get away from him/her, well that's because you do not like something about the situation and you have full right to tell them that you're not happy as you cannot fake as well. So it's fair enough to have a disagreement sometimes. Here's a little tip from my side that whenever you fight kindly don't lose hope of getting back together because if there's no hope, there's no way. After all, if you can love, kiss, cuddle then disagreements & conflicts comes along with the package and you guys have to deal with it and sort it out, together.


If you guys are fighting then it's no big deal because as my third logic implies, it's good to know the dark side of your partner as well so as to know what extent he/she can go while fighting. If he/she's abusing you then you should stop him/her right away because as per my personal experience if there's no respect for each other then there's nothing much left in a relationship. You should not lose your cool over petty issues and there's no room for abuse or violence. Just peace out, lovers.


Now the final one and trust me the most cutest logic is: You should have the genuine perception about your partner and if that leads to some kind of argument or cold war then it's okay because later when you guys talk, trust me that will definitely become one of the best conversations. It is that phase where you open your heart and say things more clearly and even accept it lovingly as you have to compensate for the time you lost where you guys didn't talk at all. Inside, you're dying to hear something from him/her so when that happens you giggle a little, curse a bit, and realize how crazily in love you are with him/her. Well I call it 'sleeping phase' in which lovers take rest from each other and when both of them wake up, they feel fresh and more loving.


So next time whenever you guys end up in some kind of argument, don't worry. Keep calm and remember to keep the flame of hope burning, maintain respect and kick start the conversation again. And tell your partner honestly what bothers you and if you think that will make you look clingy, well that's not. Trying to workout things with your lovey-dovey is pretty cool and if you're the first one to start the conversation keeping your ego aside then you're definitely going to earn some respect from your partner as well. 

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