Saturday, May 11, 2013

Salon Style Hair At Home

Hairstyles defines your personality and these days the climate and the pollution affecting our hair very badly. So for protection we use different hair products which are easily available in market these days and the companies are promoting them with promising advertisements but do you think that really works? I was suffering from these problems and like any another teenage girl, I used almost all of them. And it resulted in split ends, grey hair and hair fall.

But these days one hair product saving my hair from the damages is Tresemme shampoo. I believe different people have different kinds of hair texture like dry hair, curly hair, thin hair, oily hair.
So they should use shampoo according to it. 

Not only these products that cause damage but also the lifestyle we have is the reason for bad hair. Excessive use of hair dryers and straighteners also cause damaged hair. And as I mentioned earlier also about the climatic conditions and pollution that makes our hair dirty and dead. So make a bun or a pony, especially in summer.
I know bun and pony are not IN these days but a little experiment with it can really make your look glamorous.

Here are the few simple hairstyles which you can try at home: 

1) Regular Bun: 

2) Bun with a hair stick:  

3) Simple pony tail:

4) Simple Braid: 

5) Clutch it: 

These are very simple and quick hair do’s you can do to look stylish and can protect your hair with the harsh weather and pollution.

A good shampoo is very important. After applying so many products I recommend my readers to use Tresemme because it really worked on my hair.

So, here are some reasons why you also should use it:

1. Tresemme was created by high-profile hairstylist Edna Emme, who's name inspired the brand name TRESemme
2. As I mentioned above the different types of hair texture, so they have also a huge variety of shampoos for different hair.

3. They have reasonable rates and yet they did not compromise with the quality at all. 

4. Requires very less amount and lathers easily. 

5. It makes hair smooth almost instantly.                 
6. Tresemme is used not only by common people but also many professionals recommend it.
7. It really adds luster and shine and you can see the effects of it from the very first wash. 

Well, now you have so many reasons to use it. So just buy your bottle, apply it and tell me your Tresemme hair story. :)

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  1. inTeReStinG !! HOWEVER IhAVe FOUNd oUt tHAT :p that the best shampoo FOr me Is hEaD n shoulDeR !!

    1. No akshat, you should give it a try. It's very beneficent. :)

  2. Nice :-) all the very best for the contest :-)

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    1. Thanks for visiting Ahha. I am glad that you liked it. :)

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